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Are you confused about choosing a reputable dealer to place your bets online? Try V9BET now as one of the 10 most qualified and qualified bookmakers in Asia. V9bet Agent is an online entertainment company based in the Philippines, guaranteed by reputable organizations such as CEZA, Isle of Man Gamble and First Cagayan. V9BET agents are safe and highly secure online betting sites that ensure absolute safety for customers' products.
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Bet on the V9BET house football today:



V9BET is one of the leading online betting bookmakers in Vietnam and Asia Pacific and based in the Philippines. Through the information that THONGTINNHACAI.NET has learned, this dealer has started to expand its operation to China and some Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam since 2012. Since then, reputation V9BET started spreading and gained a huge number of customers. All thanks to many advantages such as: V9BET has provided customers with a wide variety of information about games, sports news, rules of play, and types of betting with a team of customer support staff. reliable products to ensure players really enjoy the ultimate betting experience.

Besides, you will be amazed by V9BET's huge product inventory with more than 5000 online games available, sports betting with many attractive odds, online casino, virtual sports, lottery and many promotions. forever updated continuously. V9BET works professionally with a team of 24/7 customer care staff to bring the most effective service to players. Possessing a supreme security system with state-of-the-art 4.0 encryption technology, V9BET ensures that all players' information is fully encrypted and absolutely secure. Therefore, you can rest assured when playing here.

Origin and operating license

V9BET bookmaker has its headquarters in the Philippines. Since its first opening in 2012, the bookmaker has been licensed for business by CEZA and First Cagayan. Therefore, please rest assured because this is the safe and best online bookmaker. Since opening in the Vietnamese market, V9BET has attracted a large number of registered members and they are very satisfied with the products offered by this dealer.

A variety of product collections at the FUN88 bookie

Of course, the V9BET house that is loved by many players and believes in participating is not without reason. One of the advantages that helps this house reach out all over Asia is the huge treasure trove of quality and quality products. To serve the diverse preferences of the players and the increasing number of visitors, the V9BET dealer is increasingly improving its product system to bring a diverse game inventory with many other interesting products. cùng. 

When you go into the world of equally interesting games here, you will experience relaxing moments just creating V9BET. After a brief study , THONGTINNHACAI.NET personally found sports betting the main product and very popular here. In addition, there are many other attractive products such as online casino, virtual sports, lottery, lottery and games. Let THONGTINNHACAI.NET learn about this dealer 's products!


Although entering the Vietnamese market after a number of players such as W88, 188BET, M88, .. but V9BET is not inferior to its seniors when compared to online sports betting. The V9BET home sports betting product has a high number of markets with many odds which are very attractive to players. Some popular types of markets include Handicap & Over / Under, 1 X 2 (Half & End), Goals - Even / Odd, Total Goals, 1st Half / End, Correct Results, First / Last Goal, Outright.

This is a famous and reputable bookmaker specializes in betting on many popular sports such as soccer, basketball, table tennis, tennis, darts, golf, rugby, ... updated regularly, a full set of tournaments large and small in the world such as English Premier League, UEFA Cup, Formula 1 Racing, NBA Professional Basketball, PGA TOUR Bike Racing, ...


Besides sports betting, online casino has long been an important product of the V9BET house. This is also one of the forms of entertainment and has been particularly popular in recent times by many bookmakers. Although the games here are not as unique as some other bookmakers, in return the quality of V9BET's casino products never disappoints players. Besides the special feature of this casino is to use the most modern and advanced livestream technology. Therefore, players everywhere can bet, video and audio are broadcast with high quality, stable transmission. V9BET also offers virtual cards such as virtual tiger dragon, virtual poker, virtual baccarat, ...


The V9BET dealer currently owns 4 main casino halls, each consisting of different types of cards and a variety of tables, which are:

  • CLUB V9 : Multi-Handed Tiger Dragon, Bull Bull, Baccarat, Sicbo
  • CLUB VIVA: Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Sicbo, Roulette
  • CLUB VELVET: Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, Roulette 
  • CLUB VOGUE: Baccarat (No Roses), Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, Three-Leaf Scratch


If you are a player who wants to hit quickly and win quickly, this is the playground for you, usually a virtual sports match only takes about 3-4 minutes because the player gets paid very quickly. Currently, the V9BET dealer has 8 types of virtual sports for you to choose from, namely: Virtual Football Champion Cup, Virtual Football Asian Cup, Virtual Soccer World Cup, Virtual Soccer, Virtual Basketball, Virtual Tennis, Virtual Horse Racing and Virtual Dog Race with a variety of odds, in virtual sports you can easily find all the odds as in real tournaments.



V9BET's lottery products are randomly generated by computers. Compared to other products, the lottery product at this house is not as popular. A special thing is that V9BET is the only dealer providing Keno Vietlott product, this is a form of a lottery with a quick-dial number issued by Vietlott and is widely participated by Vietnamese players because after placing a bet. players will know the results quickly after only 10 minutes. Lottery products at the V9BET house have only 2 main halls, namely Keno and lotto:

  • KENO: Keno is a game consisting of 20 numbers drawn randomly out of a total of 80 balls numbered from 01 to 80. Based on official results in markets such as Keno China (Beijing), Slovakia, Canada, Western Canada, Malta and Australia. The number of bet types here are: over / under / total 810, odd / even, odd / even / tie numbers, over / under & odd / even, over / under / tie, five elements and ball.


  • LOTTO: This is a China lottery with 3 or 5 number bets, based on the official results of the 3 or 5-digit lottery tournaments from broadcasters such as China Social Lottery 3D (or SWL 3D China), Happy Giap, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Tianjin and Xinjiang. Lottery betting result is a combination of 3 or 5 numbers in the correct order from right to left and are paid out according to the results corresponding to the draw time of the official lottery pages. Some types of bets such as: Over / Under of a certain number, Odd / Even of a certain number, 1 specified number, 2 specified numbers, ...


The system of game slots and numbers at the V9BET house is very diverse with more than 500 different games from major game providers such as: Agile Slot, MGS, Habanero, ... 


The rules of the lottery games are very simple, you just need to press the spin button, then the columns on the slot machine will spin and stop if the position you bet on will win. The highlight that attracts players at the V9BET Slot game is an attractive lottery prize of up to 50 million VND. In order to please players, V9BET has divided the games into separate categories so that players can easily find their favorite games, especially V9BET also supports the trial play function so that you get familiar with the previous way.

Some interesting games here are: Cashout roulette, Koi Gate, break away deluxe, lucky three cards, royal pokdeng, 12 Zodiacs ...

Access interface

In terms of interface overview , THONGTINNHACAI.NET found that V9BET has a simple interface designed with colors in harmony with 3 main colors: green, white and yellow, helping players feel fresh and comfortable with their father. Easy to see, streamlined, product items, promotional information, and instructions are in clear and conspicuous locations. As the dealer operates in many countries, the dealer supports multiple languages, including Vietnamese.


In addition to the web version on the computer, V9BET has launched and developed an interface on mobile devices on both Android and IOS operating systems to make players more convenient.

Odds and access speeds

V9BET offers a variety of more than 200 small tournaments to super classic matches such as the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, English League 1, Champion League, ... with many odds. Fastest and earliest update. The exceptionally high odds allow players to reap high returns on a 15% increase in winnings compared to conventional betting. Some popular types of markets at V9BET include Total Goals, 1st Half / End of Game, Correct Results, First / Last Goal, Final Bet, ...

In terms of access speed, the V9BET dealer has a fast and extremely stable access speed, very saving data when accessing. Little when lag, lag or slow load.

Some other outstanding advantages

Many great promotions for players

The promotion is a special feature that helps V9BET bookmakers attract large numbers of players and compete with other established bookmakers in the betting market. Many great promotions are offered by this house continuously, often in each month. V9BET divided the promotion into 2 parts, the special promotion VIP 1 and the general promotion. Some attractive promotions such as: 

  • 0.5% Unlimited V9 Card Game Refund
  • Donate 100,000 VND Welcome New Member
  • 100% Bonus on Your First Deposit
  • 50% Bonus on VIP Deposit Back
  • Bonus 2% Mobile App Deposit Bonus
  • Bonus 100% discount on the value of the first loaded card
  • Cashback of 1% unlimited amount

V9BET offers promotions for all participating members, novice or veteran. Besides, V9BET's promotions are easy to obtain because the bonus conditions are not as difficult as the other bookmakers.

Professional customer base

In order to retain players, V9BET has a customer care team with more than 1000 experienced and friendly staff dedicated to answering customers' questions in the fastest way. 90% of V9BET's customer care is female, with attentive service style and respect for players through live chat and email reply. In addition, V9BET's Customer Care Center works 24/24 every day of the year, including holidays. 


People can quickly contact V9BET through the following ways:

  • Live chat with counselors in the right corner of the V9BET homepage
  • Telephone number: (84) 939 084 328 (PRIORITY) and (84) 444 582 012
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: v9bet_service
  • Zalo: +84 939 084 328
  • Viber: +84 939 084 328

Withdrawal process

Recharge process

There are 6 ways to deposit money into your V9BET game account : Online Banking, ATM, Bank Plus, Counter Transactions, SMS Mobile Banking and VN iBanking. Today THONGTINNHACAI.NET will guide players to send money via online banking because this is the fastest way to send money only takes 5 minutes.

Step 1 : Log in to the dealer game account via this link , if you do not have an account, register here .

HOUSE V9BETStep 2 : Select " Bank " in the top right corner of the homepage => select " Deposit "

Step 3: Choose to deposit by " Online Banking ".


Step 4: Choose V9BET account to transfer


  • Deposit methods : You choose 1 of 6 methods: Online Banking, ATM, Bank Plus, Counter Transactions, SMS Mobile Banking and VN iBanking
  • V9BET supports : Currently, V9BET supports transfer through 7 types of banks, namely AGRIBANK, BIDV, TECHCOMBANK, VIETINBANK, DongA BANK, SACOMBANK, VIETCOMBANK and Asia (ACB).
  • Amount : Enter the amount to deposit and your account (Minimum is VND 2,000.00, maximum is VND 200,000,000)

Step 5: Fill in your bank account information => select " Deposit ".


Step 6: Complete the deposit process.


Withdrawal process

Step 1: Login to the dealer's game account via this link

Step 2: Select " Bank " in the top right corner of the homepage => select " Withdraw money ".


Step 3 : V9BET only supports withdrawals via local banks.


Step 4 : Fill in the bank information you want to withdraw => Select "Click here to withdraw"


Note: Minimum withdrawal amount is 2,000,000VND, maximum is 200,000,000VND

General evaluation

Through the above article, THONGTINNHACAI.NET has researched and provided full information as well as all advantages of the V9BET dealer. V9BET is a reputable place to play reputable online casino & soccer betting, payment policy is absolutely safe, transparent, and has a highly encrypted security mechanism for customer information. If you are looking for a reliable betting site with lots of quality products, join V9BET now. 

Additional information by our readers is below! 

The v9bet bookmaker invests in many products such as Sports betting, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Racing, Horse racing ...), Casinos include: Robots, Poker, Rakes ..., Predict esports games like Dota, FiFa online. And besides the dealer V9BET also specializes in betting on all matches, betting comfortably and comfortably until the 90th minute, the system is always running smoothly and also quickly.You don't have to worry about all the My bet is not confirmed, it's okay now.

House v9 |  House information |  The secret of the sports car
House v9bet | House information | The secret of the sports car

The v9bet dealer  has a wide variety of bets and all the big and small matches for everyone to join.

Betting bookmaker V9BET is experienced in providing online betting odds, also possesses an advanced security system and regularly checks our online projects and games to be sure.

When you are looking for an online betting site that is completely safe and fair for everyone. With a beautiful web interface using fresh green tones for comfort and softness, the design is eye-catching and easy to use for a more aesthetically pleasing look to the gamblers. That is the reputable V9bet dealer that is safe and fast transaction, to know how to register or login as well, please visit the V9bet dealer here: https://www.v9bet888.com - let's Experience the official mobile interface with the V9bet at home from today.

In addition, we have also updated the mobile version so that players can keep up with the news, the hottest betting markets and people can bet quickly anywhere with tips. , the most attractive v9bet bookie

Dealer V9Bet
                                       House v9bet | House information | The secret of the sports car

Signing up for a v9bet account is simple, takes less than 2 minutes

With a simple v9bet account registration process , it only takes less than 2 minutes and you already have a V9bet dealer online betting game, you just need to send 50,000 VND immediately to play betting. Depositing and withdrawing money is always the concern of V9BET agents, so we have cooperated with many banks in Vietnam and used the form of payment via the domestic banking system with many other transaction methods. such as ATMs, money transfers, and money transfers online help customers to be extremely proactive and comfortable to deposit and withdraw money as quickly as possible.

Playing betting at V9BET's house you will not be afraid of losing money because if there is an error in the deposit problem (eg, fill in the wrong information,), the V9BET agent will still refund you 100%. V9BET agent always considers the absolutely privacy and security of customers first, all information of all customers will be confidential.

We are committed to high safety and security, owning an advanced security system, check the system regularly and continuously, keep the online betting system at home, and tackle all frauds. and personal benefits.

Dealer V9Bet
                    House v9bet | House information | The secret of the sports car

V9Bet House The odds are always highest

In V9BET bookmakers, the odds (the odds) are always higher than the other online bookmakers, allowing players to earn a 15% increase in winnings compared to regular bets. Usually (because you are required to pay a 15% commission based on winnings paid to other popular bookmakers, commonly known as jackpots, to make a profit).

Besides the dealer v9bet also has a program to return 1.99% of the lost money to players. Like all bookmakers, V9BET bookmakers invest in customer care to help players to bet when they have problems quickly, with 24/24 staff on duty. Service guide for enthusiastic and fast players.

Attractive promotion at V9BET
                          House v9bet | House information | The secret of the sports car

Attractive promotions at the V9Bet House

To continue to support customers' spirit, the V9BET family also offers extremely attractive promotions every month and every week. These promotions are also surprisingly up to 100%, and the home side tricks. Applies to all players from new to old at the v9bet dealer .

Register v9bet dealer now to become a member of the V9BET dealer and any questions please contact the customer service area, we will bring you the best experience.

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